Monday, June 28, 2010


i want u:'(


i ask u to leave coz im so damn hurt by u.
than u ask me to be ur fren.
but i juz cant simpy turn u to be my fren.
coz i never want to make u as my fren
u r my special 1.eventho i ask u to leave.
now u gonebcoz i ask to.
its fair 4 us coz both feel d same.
but its pain..i dunno if i can bear it or not.
i try to make myself busy..but it never works.
coz u r rigidly in my heart n mind.
what we had done to both of us surely not fair to both of us.
eventho i threw u away frm my life,but my heart remain for u:(
do u miss me?
i do miss u badly..
be strong farah:)

Saturday, June 26, 2010


knp ak mcm nie?ak x ske bila ak rse trancam atau rasa dia akn di ambil orang.hurmm.
n die x kan fhm pon aper yg ak rsa.
mgkin sme bnda nmpk kecil di mata die..
tp once ak da rse mcm 2 ak x sggup nk sakit..
end up nyer ak pergi dr hdup die..
wlaupon spptnya ak btahan dan melawan.
xpelah..nk wat mcm mne..
im too complicated.
only i noe bout myself.
only i can make my self satisfy..
i dun want to be hurt..
but wateva decision i made it still hurt.
either left or stay it still d same..
if left i lose him.
if stay i will feel dat way..
n y he dun even think before he did sumthing..
dun he now if sum1 will hurt bcoz of wat he had done.
dun he now hw scare i am to lose him..
i think its ok to move on rather than stay n noe he will be taken by sum1 later.
die ckp kebahagiann dalm perpisahan.
tp x pernah pon 1 perpisahan membawa kebahagiaan kepada ak..

i love u

i hold myself from saying i love u..
n do u noe how hard it is?
so hard till it can kill me from inside:(

Friday, June 25, 2010

PAIN!..dats all i can feel rite now..:(

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Thanks to ALLAH 4 making things getting easier for me..eventho not in my academic but my life so much meangful n happier for me each day..
i hve BUYA bsides me whenver i need them.
i hve my lovely sister which alwys loving me:P
n i also hve diz guy which love me truly no matter what had happen.
n i hve all my frens here n at subang which always remember me.loving me.making me happy every each day..
i thank to u all..
coz u make my life more better than past..
n i do more appreciate diz life now..
n i noe i can make it even better later:)

*alhamdullilah:) my life full of joy:)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

perlu ker ko dgr aper yg org ckp ttg ko frh..:( :'(..ko cume buat hidup ko lbih mrana..:(